You can Invest in real estate / property with us from as little as £20,000


After a site is acquired, senior management analyse costs and determine the correct funding structure for the project. Funding always compromises a mix of both, funding provided by individual investors and from BPG itself which makes up the balance.

The funding team then decide how much of the money should come from investors through the issue of shares and how much should come from BPG itself. The decision will be based on a range of commercial considerations such as the anticipated duration of any elements, required funding.

Then key factors including BPG’s required margin, the type of security (e.g. redeemable shares) and the location of the properties being built/refurbished are evaluated to ensure the rate of return and profit share offered are competitive and achievable.

Investors shall receive returns once the project is complete, this can usually vary between 8-24 months, depending on the product invested in.



Complete self-certification to confirm that you are either a High Net Worth Individual, a certified sophisticated investor or a self-certified sophisticated investor.

Choose a product
Browse the range of investment products on offer, and decide which property/estate you would like to invest in.

Read the T&Cs
Read the T&Cs and the Key Risks. If you are in any doubt about the action you should take, consult a professional adviser authorised under the Financial Services and Market Acts, who specialises in advising on shares and other securities.

Apply for shares
Select your investment product(s) and apply for shares. You will need to verify your identity using your National Insurance Number, and for any investment over £10,000 you will need to complete Anti-Money Laundering checks.

Transfer funds
When your application form and supporting information are accepted, you will receive an email confirmation. You can then transfer funds, where upon you will receive a share Certificate registering your ownership of the shares.

You can subscribe to receive regular updates and monitor your investment(s) online via email. Just email us with the reference “investment subscription” at:

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